Please try to get on site for ~0900h to give yourself time to sign in, set up and get guns chronographed.

Game Timings
Safety Brief – 10:00
Lunch- 12:30 – 13:30
Endex- 16:00, sometimes slightly later depending on weather or game scenario.

Please pay attention during the brief, as there may be site specific hazards that you need to be aware of

Each site has a signing in hut that is staffed all day, you can leave your valuables there to avoid losing them in the field

The Safe Zone
The safe zone is normally the car park and sign-in area.

    • All weapons are to be made safe, and have magazines removed in the safe zone. Weapons that don’t have easily removable magazines (e.g. LMGs) must have batteries disconnected


    • Eye protection must be worn at all times in the gaming area. We strongly recommend full face masks, kite marked or BS EN marked safety glasses are the minimum.


    • A parent/Guardian must counter sign a registration document and waiver sheet to those players under the age of 16, the document can be found here


    • All players must sign in for insurance reasons, players under 16 must be countersigned by a parent/guardian


    • Any under 16’s must be issued a full face mask by Spec Ops unless their parent/guardian has signed a waiver saying otherwise


    • No persons under the age of 11 years shall be permitted to participate


    • Persons who have consumed any alcohol or taken any non-prescription drugs shall not be permitted to participate, please let the staff on site know if you are taking any prescribed medication that may affect you during the day


    • First aid facilities are available on site at all times, and only administered by a suitably qualified member of staff


    • If you have any medical conditions (such as Asthma or Epilepsy) please let one of the staff know


    • Grenades must only be used in a game environment and may only be purchased by players over the age of 18,Under 18’s may use pyros, but only if purchased by their parent/guardian and used under their supervision


    • All pyro has a 2.5m kill radius – if you’re inside this when it goes off, treat it as if you were hit by a BB unless your entire silhouette is behind solid cover
      Solid cover is defined as a big tree/rock/wall/embankment. People don’t count as solid cover


    • Smoke Grenades are for distraction or concealment purposes only, please note that there are colour restrictions at the rock, usually, Red or Orange smoke cannot be used, but this will be clarified on the day


    • Heavy reusable pyro, such as blank firing grenades, are to be thrown under-arm only, shotgun blanks are permitted for use in such devices


    • No homemade pyro is to be used on site


    • FPS limits are;
      AEGs and pistols 350 FPS
      Semi auto DMRs 350 FPS
      Bolt action 350 – 500 FPS (with 30 metre minimum engagement distance)


    • All weapons shall be chronographed at the start of the game.


    • All RIFs (Realistic Imitation Firearms) can only be sold to UKARA registered players, or site members who are over the age of 18. You can find a Membership form HERE.


    • All activities are carried out in accordance with HSE, UKASGB & UKARA guidelines

Player Conduct


    • No physical or verbal abuse at any time, including hit calling (i.e. shouting take your hits).If you have a problem with a player, please find a member of staff there and then so we can deal with it – please provide a full description of the player and/or point them out to the staff member.


    • Do not blind fire – you must always be able to see where your rounds are going. Firing from the hip/shoulder is fine, but do not stick your rifle round a tree/over a rock and blindly pull the trigger


    • Hit calling – a hit is defined as a BB hitting your anywhere on your body and kit, including webbing/day sacks/etc. When hit call out ‘HIT’ nice and loud and raise your arm to indicate you’ve been shot and make your way to the respawn. Ricochets do not count.


    • If a BB hits your primary weapon (i.e. the one currently in your hand) this does not count as a hit, but it is recommended to call out ‘weapon hit’
      If you wish you can treat weapon hits as if you’d had a stoppage, so take the mag out and rack the bolt a few times and/or drop to a sidearm for a bit, but this is optional.


    • If you’re not sure if you’ve been hit, it’s best to call it as a hit anyway. Most game scenarios at Spec Ops are on instant respawn and/or unlimited lives so it’s not worth risking it


    • If you are suspected of cheating, typically we operate a 3 strike rule – 3rd strike and you’ll be back at the car park taking no further part in the day
      If you are blatantly cheating or playing in a way that is excessively dangerous there will be no second chance and you’ll be asked to leave there and then


    • There is no official ‘bang’ rule at Spec Ops – we recommend 1 or 2 rounds to centre mass.
      However, if you have got the drop on someone and wish to say ‘BANG’ rather than shooting them, it is up to the player on the receiving end to take that as a hit.
      If taken as a hit, the player must make their way to the respawn point as normal. It is not an opportunity to get out of a sticky situation
      If the player does not take the ‘bang’ kill and/or makes an aggressive move then shoot them


    • Knife kills are allowed at Spec Ops with rubber/LARP safe knifes only. They are to be used as a tap on the shoulder/leg/etc., not to try to garrotte someone.
      Knife kills are the only time you do not shout hit – if you are knife killed, please may your way to the respawn point as normal


    • Follow these rules and your shall have an enjoyable time at Spec Ops Airsoft